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Enjoy the sunset in the Tagus river
Sunset Boat Tour

Enjoy a Sunset Boat Tour along the Tagus river.

Schedule: at the end of the day
Please confirm at the product’s page

Duration: 2h

Departure and arrival: Sul Sueste River Station, Terreiro do Paço

Trip includes one drink and a professional DJ. Music aboard.


  • Adults: 35€
  • Children: 17€

More information on the product’s page.

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Get on board for an unforgettable sailing experience
Sailing tour

Gift your friends and loved ones a sailing tour along the Tagus river.

Because we know there are winds and tides for every taste, we have many different sailing tours.

We suggest that you visit the sailing tours’ page to get familiar with the different trips available.

One-way trip
Single Ticket

Come on board one of our boats and enjoy Lisbon from a unique perspective.

The single ticket is valid only for a one-way trip between Terreiro do Paço River Station and Cais da Princesa.


  • Adults: 16€
  • Children: 8€

For more information, please visit the product’s page.


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