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1. What does Hop-On Hop-Off mean?

It’s a new way to love Lisbon. This unique feature lets you visit Lisbon at your own pace: you can jump from boat to land at one of our many pit stops, and get back on board whenever you want.

2. Where can I catch a boat?

You can catch a boat from any of our 3 stops: Cais da Princesa (next to Torre de Belém), Cais do Sodré (Terminal), Belém River Station.

3. Where can I buy a ticket?

You can buy Lisboat tickets at our official stands located here:

  • Cais Ribeira das Naus - Cais do Sodré
  • River Terminal - Cais do Sodré (Transtejo)
  • Bom Sucesso Dock (Belém), next to the Hotel Altis Belém
  • Next to Torre de Belém / Tuk-Tuk Dock
  • Padrão dos Descobrimentos
  • Cais da Princesa (perto da Torre de Belém)

You can also buy your Lisboat tickets online.

4. What is the tour itinerary?

You can check the full itinerary at our map: here.

5. How much does a ticket cost?

You can check all tickets/tours & prices, here.

6. How long does a ticket last?

A “boat tour” ticket is valid for 24 hours, while a “boat+bus” ticket can be valid for 48 or 72 hours. Check all tickets/tours & prices, here.

7. Are there any special discounts for groups?

Yes, we have special discounts for groups (starting with 10 people). Do you want to book a trip? Go to Tours & Prices.

8. Is there any chance of having my trip cancelled?

Our boat trips can be postponed or cancelled due to unpredictable/unexpected circumstances, or any other reasons beyond our control.